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Welcome to Game File, a website (or a newsletter, depending on how you read it) about the incredible world of video games.

I’ve loved video games since I was a kid and loved journalism for nearly as long. About 20 years ago, a very smart person suggested I combine the two and make a career out of it.

She knew what she was talking about.

I soon got a gig as MTV News’ first-ever video game reporter (thank goodness the person they offered it to first turned them down). Four years later, I joined Kotaku, where I eventually became editor-in-chief for a nine-year run and worked with a brilliant team to challenge the notion of what a gaming site would cover, who would work there and who it’d be for. I’d like to think we upped the bar for investigative reporting about games, if nothing else. I then joined Axios, where I built games coverage one newsletter at a time. It set me on a path to launching this Substack. (Just don’t ask me about the pivotal role Hulk Hogan played in my career—twice.)

I take games seriously. And I take reporting seriously.

Doesn’t mean I don’t like to have fun, but I got into this because I was dissatisfied with the state of games reporting two decades ago. I wanted reporters to ask better questions, chase more important stories, and cover more interesting games. And that’s what you can also expect from me at Game File.

Game File is a big change for me. The journalism is the same, but the way it’ll get paid for is not. With Substack, I don’t have to worry about the impact of the ad market or the whims of some private equity suits who have no clue how to run a journalistic endeavor.

Instead, I can finally just ask readers like you to support my work. And I hope you’ll find it worth your while.

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Video game reporter at Game File (formerly Axios, Kotaku and MTV News). Runner. Father of twins. New Jersey dweller. Quoted KRS-One in my high school yearbook.